Wildlife FAQ

Are you like the Government Animal Control?

No. We do not handle dog, cat, or other domestic animal issues. Contact your local or county animal control for those services.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. Strategic Industries is licensed by the Department of Natural Resources and carries General Liability, Automobile and Workers Compensation insurance.

Do you have ‘set’ pricing?

No. Each structure, wildlife and pest situation is unique. Each situation requires a different approach and solution. Click the contact us tab and schedule a free evaluation.

Do you seal up the holes the animals have made?

Yes. Strategic Industries performs “wildlife exclusion” work.  Exclusion work is critical and essential to prevent wildlife from re-entering the premises and causing additional damage. Exclusion work includes, but is not limited to removing access gaps around the eaves, siding, chimney, vents, and pipe openings. Click the contact us tab on this page to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

I have a raccoon problem. Please tell me what to do.

Raccoons are difficult to control. A Raccoon can be a carrier of rabies, so you really need a professional to assist you in the removal of this animal. Strategic Industries can capture the animal, relocate the Raccoon if it is not rabid, and then perform wildlife exclusion work to protect your office or facility from future invasions.

I have a bat problem. What is the best way to remove them?

Bats are not easily eliminated from attics or voids of buildings. The methods used to “encourage” bats to leave and take up residence somewhere else must be humane. Bats cannot be killed, as bats are a protected species. The main objective is to get bats to leave the structure and then prevent them from reentering. Bat exclusion netting and valves can be used to accomplish this and the structure must be sealed to prevent reentry. Bats will leave “droppings” behind and often in large quantities. This material needs to be removed as it will pose health risks. Parasites can also be left behind by the bats, and they need to be treated as well. Bats can carry rabies and this type of job is one you will want to leave to the experts.

I have seen two snakes in my facility/office. How do we get rid of them?

Snakes can be very hard to remove. They may or may not be poisonous, so you always have to be cautious. Snakes inside the home also may indicate other issues including insects and rodents, as insects and rodents are food sources for snakes. A thorough inspection needs to be performed throughout the premises. Snake removal can be very dangerous and we recommend always consulting a professional.

I have recently discovered what I believe are rat droppings. Will a store-bought poison take care of this problem?

The poison, if eaten by the rats, will certainly kill them, but this will likely not solve your problem. The use of rodenticides can be dangerous, and can lead to serious odor problems should the rodents die inside the structure.

A comprehensive approach to rodent control needs to be undertaken. This includes the elimination of the immediate population, the sealing up of entry points, and trying to eliminate or reduce conducive conditions that caused the rodents to begin with. This is a detailed process that needs professional attention.

I have heard that rat poisons make rats thirsty and they will leave a structure to go find water. Is this true?

Many rodenticides are anti-coagulants which kill by causing internal bleeding. The rodent will simply die where ever it happens to be when the effect takes place. This is one of the reasons using rodenticides inside a structure should always be a last option.

Do you exterminate for moles?

Yes. Moles can be a serious issue as they will wreak havoc on landscaping. Strategic Industries, LLC can certainly provide you with a free inspection, evaluation, and proposed control program. Please call or email us today for more information.

I think a dead animal is somewhere in a wall. Can you help with this? The odor is terrible. How long will it last?

If the odor is being caused by a dead animal it can unfortunately go on for some time. It really depends on the type and/or number of dead animals. Strategic Industries can perform an inspection and offer recommendations.

The shop I work at has rats. Can you spray to get rid of them?

Rodent control involves eliminating the current population, sealing entry points, and then addressing the conducive conditions that caused the rats in the first place. Strategic Industries, LLC can perform a thorough inspection, then offer a program intended to solve your rodent problems.