Exclusion and Damage Repair

Living close to natural wildlife has both advantages and disadvantages. You get to enjoy the beauty of nature and animal life, but you also have to deal with the inherent dangers.

Wildlife doesn’t always stay in the wild, and these animals have a tendency to encroach upon your property and cause damage.

Nuisance animals have the potential to do a great deal of damage to your property. Rodents can cause fires chewing through your electrical wires. They destroy your insulation, and parasites these animals carry may be detrimental to your family’s health. Raccoons, opossums, snakes, bats and other creatures that seek shelter in and around our homes can often be potential threats.

Prevention is always paramount, and sealing animals out of your property is the best way to deal with this pest problem. Strategic Industries advocates referring to one of our experts with an understanding of the habits, capabilities and biology of your area’s wildlife to effectively complete this task.

Strategic Industries Wildlife Exclusion Services

Strategic Industries implements a comprehensive program to trap and remove animals when they get into your home or business and to provide exclusion services and structural modifications to prevent future infestations. Exclusion services and animal proofing have been specialties of Strategic Industries for years in the commercial sector.

When you have a wild animal on your property, our nuisance animal control specialists perform a detailed inspection to identify the animal and the most effective way to trap and remove it.

After Strategic Industries has taken care of your immediate threat, we provide comprehensive exclusion services, identifying possible entryways into the home and putting into place a proactive plan for keeping wildlife out of your office or facility.

Different structures present different access points and issues. We customize our services to offer you the specific exclusion program options your particular structure needs.

Strategic Industries Animal-Proof Your Property

Strategic Industries wildlife experts are knowledgeable and experienced in locating actual and potential animal access points on your property and taking the actions necessary to eliminate these risks.

Strategic Industries guarantees all exclusion and repair work. Annual and extended renewal warranties are available on most exclusion and repair work.

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