Wildlife & Rodent Removal Services

Wildlife pest management is a service that is often overlooked by homeowners and businesses that find themselves being invaded by pests that live in the wild near their locations. Often, these creatures are coming onto the property to find food or shelter, but they must be kept off the property in order to ensure the safety of the family, their pets or the people who work in the office building.

Wildlife and Rodent Control Services

With the assistance of a wildlife pest management company, every home or business can ensure that large animals from the woods near their building or home are not encroaching on their property. There are many ways to take care of these animals so that they do not come any farther towards the home or office. Plus, there are some cases when the animals can be removed so that there is no harm done to anyone.

Often, wildlife pests are living in their natural habitat, but the places where people are living and working are very close to that habitat. It is natural for animals to be curious, but the property must be guarded against their entry. The property can be sprayed with a repellent that will cause the animals to not want to come any farther. Also, food stores can be left in the woods to keep the animals in the woods rather than coming onto the property.

A Safer and Healthier Home

When animals are posing an imminent threat to homeowners, businesspeople or their clients, the animals can be removed and handed over to the local animal control authorities. In many cases, these animals are not in their natural habitat and must be returned to a place where they can thrive.

With the help of a wildlife pest management agency like Strategic Industries, any business or home can remain safe from the encroachment of animals who do not need to be on the property. Contact us today to learn more!

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Strategic Industries:

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  • Services are environmentally responsible
  • Emphasize using the most humane techniques, products and methods

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