Termite Services

Dangers of Termites in Commercial Industries

Termites in situ

Termites can be infesting your commercial property without your being aware of it. Any damage produced may be hidden from sight until the damage becomes extensive. Termites will feed off of any wood based areas of your business. They can live in elaborate underground networks underneath a mound, within the walls or even inside of furniture. Let Strategic Industries handle your commercial termite services using our proven products, materials and processes.

Be Proactive Managing Commercial Termite Issues

To help keep your establishment free from recurring termite infestations, it is important to keep up on maintenance and repairs. You should also do the following on a scheduled basis:

  • Eliminate moisture problems around your building
  • Remove dense foliage and mulch from areas next to your building
  • Remove termite food sources
  • Look for termite warning signs
  • Learn to properly identify termites