Stored Product Insects


Strategic Industries provides pest management services for food processing and food product storage facilities in the Southeast. Food safety and quality is a highly regulated area and even a small pest infestation can quickly get out of hand.

Feed Mills, Processing Plants, Distribution Centers, and Manufacturing Centers can easily become infested through the bulk products that are brought in the plant. It is important to not only maintain a pest free facility environment, but to also monitor incoming products.

Strategic Industries can help facility managers and Quality Personnel setup the proper stored product pest monitoring and control systems. We can help detect and prevent a stored product insect infestation with our integrated pest management systems or quickly eliminate an infestation once it occurs.

Food Safety and Stored Product Pests

Insect infestation is a constant threat to food manufacturing and food storage facilities. Common pests that have to be controlled include:

  • Sawtooth Grain Beetle – found around chocolate, nuts and pet food, common in candy manufacturing and storage facilities.
  • Confused Flour Beetle – common to flour and milled grain products
  • Indian Meal Moth – attracted to dried fruits, nuts, grain products and bird seed
  • Warehouse Beetle – attracted to all kinds of seeds, cereals, candy, corn and corn meal

Strategic Industries Food Safety Services

At Strategic Industries, we have the expertise to keep your food facility free from pest infestations. Whether  pest elimination or pest detection systems, our integrated pest management system will set the plant management at ease. Even the smallest pests, like the Indian Meal Moth, can do major damage to your stored products.

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