Mosquito Services

Reducing Mosquitoes in Commercial Environments

tiger-mosquitoIn any Commercial Environment, it is important to keep the area free from pests, such as mosquitoes. In and around the Southeast, these pests can become especially bothersome, not to mention dangerous, in warmer months.

When mosquitoes are prevalent, it can affect a customer’s attitude and may affect the potential for repeat business or loss of customers to another service provider. Health and safety are also important issues, especially when it comes to mosquitoes, as they may be carriers of several dangerous diseases.

How Strategic Industries Helps to Control Mosquito Infestations

Strategic Industries can help inspect your commercial property to identify any areas of concern with regard to mosquito breeding. Our company can treat mosquitoes, affected areas and breeding grounds to effectively reduce larvae and adult populations of biting mosquitoes that can negatively affect your customers and your business.

Keys to Controlling Mosquitoes on Commercial Properties

You can do your part when trying to maintain a pest free environment. Inspect for issues that might include:

  • Pooling water (such as bird baths, low lying depression and any equipment or debris)
  • Clean and functioning gutters and downspouts
  • Properly maintained air conditioners
  • Also ensure your landscape is well kept and dense foliage is minimal

Even if you don’t have areas of dense foliage or stagnant water, it is important to note that mosquitoes can travel very long distances to feed.

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