Food Safety Auditing

Facilities that produce food, distribute food and manufacture food grade product are under intense scrutiny from regulatory and certifying agencies. Integrated pest management is a major issue in food safety audits because of the potential to spread disease or contaminate food items. Even a small slip up could result in a serious infraction. Pests are the most common cause of formal closures in commercial facilities.

Pest management practices can account for up to 20 percent of a facility’s score. It is possible to lose points for simple things that can be easily prevented. Incomplete documentation and out of date plans are two common issues. Strategic Industries delivers the industry’s best pest management practices and maintains thorough documentation that will withstand scrutiny from the toughest audits.

Strategic Industries can help you pass your next food safety audit by providing current pest management plans, maps to pinpoint the exact location of devices and baits and written documentation of treatments.

Food Safety Auditing Process

5 C'sPests in a food processing facility endanger public health. Bacterial contamination can occur through direct contact with the product or passively though equipment and work surfaces. It also drives up production and operating costs, as product and stock must be disposed of and replaced. Poor pest management can lead to health code violations and sanctions.

Hiring a pest management company to perform inspections is not enough to meet certifying agency requirements. An integrated pest management program is a multi-step process that involves identifying any existing infestation, treatment, prevention and documentation.

This may include measures such as sealing up structural cracks and crevices, correcting storage and access issues and utilizing aggressive sanitation practices.

Integrated Pest Management Standards

There are differing standards of certification depending on the auditing firm. Some of the most common auditing firms and their standards are:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC)
  • Safe Quality Foods (SQF)
  • American Institute of Baking (AIB)
  • YUM Brands
  • Cook & Thurber

Pest management is critical to brand image. Protect your brand name and easily pass certifications with Strategic Industries’ experience in handling comprehensive food safety audits.

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