Flying Insect Services

Controlling Flying Pests in Commercial Facilities

Big fly 03Flying insects have become an increasingly troublesome pest in all types of commercial facilities because of their mobility and habits. They pose a significant health risk as well as being a nuisance. The Strategic Industries Integrated Flying Insect Program addresses these issues with a proven, systematic approach.

Strategic Industries Flying Insect Control Programs

To effectively design a flying insect control program, Strategic Industries conducts a systematic and thorough inspection of the entire facility. We look for the presence of flying insects, points of entry, breeding areas and sanitation conditions contributing to their presence. We also inspect existing lines of defense such as air curtains (to ascertain that the positive and negative air pressures are functioning properly), insect light traps and other methods being employed.

Keys to Strategic Industries Flying Insect Control

Strategic Industries understands that every type of commercial facility is unique and each presents differing challenges. These challenges are based on numerous factors including type of products being processed, stored or distributed. Variables also include the location of the facility and operating practices. We can customize a flying insect control program for your facility. Our programs offer the following component options:

  • Sanitation Consultation and Recommendations
  • Exclusion of Flying Pest by Sealing Entry Points
  • Insect Light Trap (Glue Board and Electrocutor Models)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Consultation and Recommendations
  • Flying Insect Traps, Devices, and other Mechanical Options
  • Liquid Applications
  • Seasonal Programs

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