Pharmaceutical / Clean Manufacturing

two workers at production line in plantPharmaceutical and Clean Manufacturers are taxed with providing the best, most efficient products to the public, and they can only do this if their facilities are clean and well maintained.

Strategic Industries’ pest management service protects the manufacturing facility from infestation while providing environmentally safe prevention services and safeguarding the facilities’ brand in the open market.

Our Pest Management and Prevention Process

Pharmaceutical and Clean Manufacturing facilities must maintain a pest-free environment throughout their research, storage and production areas at all times. A single insect in any aspect of a Pharmaceutical or Clean Manufacturing plant is unacceptable. It is vital a pest management program be implemented and maintained to eliminate the risk of pest infestation in Pharmaceutical and Clean Manufacturing facilities.

We employ innovative yet proven pest management methods, products and equipment to not only treat an existing problem, but to prevent future issues. Our Service Specialists are trained in the industry’s best practices and are continually educated on the safest, most efficient pest prevention processes for your industry.

What to Keep in Mind with Clean / Pharmaceutical Pest Management

There are several questions you should ask your pest management provider when working within such a standardized sector:

  • What certifications do your specialists carry?
  • How long have you served my particular industry?
  • What services do you provide that are tailored to the clean / pharmaceutical sector?
  • If I already have a pest problem, how can you ensure your products and processes are safe?
  • What can I expect over the course of my treatment, and what preventative maintenance do you put into place?

Pharmaceutical and Clean Manufacturing pest management Service Specialists have management software with incident reporting and alerts to keep clients informed about the effectiveness of the pest management service at their facility. It is important for best practices and auditing to have current service reports at the ready for immediate inspection.

Strategic Industries has worked in commercial pest management for years, and we’re familiar with the additional demands of the Pharmaceutical and Clean environments.

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