commercial-hospitality-1Unlike other businesses, you cater to your clients on a very personal level within the hospitality industry. They expect a good night’s sleep at your hotel and a great meal at your restaurant. The hospitality industry relies heavily on repeat business, so it’s important to always present an environment that’s inviting and comfortable.

When a guest tells the front desk he’s checking out because he’s suffered bed bug bites, you have a problem that needs immediate attention. A wonderful dinner loses its appeal when your customer sees a cockroach scurry across the floor. Strategic Industries provides professional solutions to these, as well as many other pest problems, that typically arise within the hospitality industry.

Keeping Your Hotel and Restaurant Pest Free

We provide pest management strategies tailored for the hospitality industry. We start with a thorough property inspection and recommend the best approach for your specific problem. We treat guest rooms with the latest industry-approved methods, and our techniques are safe even in your food preparation areas. Once the source of your problem is identified and treated, we offer scheduled services to ensure that your property doesn’t suffer future infestations.

Implementing Pest Management Strategies

You and your staff keep your property clean and welcoming, but pest management and elimination requires a professional solution. Bedbugs and cockroaches aren’t alone in causing serious problems. Consider the kind of damage these pests can do to your business:

  • Birds create an unhealthy environment around entrances and parking lots.
  • Termites cause serious structural damage that’s hard for you to detect.
  • Bees and wasps pose a hazard to guests on your property’s grounds.
  • Pests in your food storage areas contaminate products that must be thrown away.

Strategic Industries offers discreet solutions and flexible scheduling that keep your property free from every kind of pest problem.

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