commercial-healthcarePests such as insects and rodents are never a welcome sight. Nowhere is it more vital that they be kept under control than in the healthcare industry, since so many common pests can carry infectious diseases.

Clinics, hospitals, surgery centers and doctor’s offices must be kept in pristine, sanitary condition, and our specialized commercial pest management services can help.

Early Detection is Essential

Pest problems are most easily dealt with before they get out of hand. When keeping your healthcare practice or hospital pest free, Strategic Industries recommends checking regularly for insect activity, as the earlier a pest problem is spotted, the easier it will be to eliminate it. Wherever possible, keep your building well-sealed, and be sure to dispose of any organic materials and other food sources safely.

Experienced Specialists are Required

For years, we’ve managed an array of commercial pest issues, and we’re familiar with the industry exceptions and specifications required within every sector we work. Each pest problem has a specific solution, and you need a specialist who can effectively diagnose and treat your particular pest issue without compromising the quality of your patients’ care.

Strategic Industries understands that patient and worker safety is paramount, and our proven processes work to effectively treat your space for pests without compromising this.

Strategic Industries Provides Effective, Custom Solutions

Every pest problem is different, and each one demands a different treatment. Strategic Industries offers a wide variety of services for pest prevention and control, including:

  • Eco-friendly, green treatment services for indoor safety
  • Customizeable service plans for your exact needs
  • Specialists trained specifically to serve commercial and industrial requirements within the healthcare sector
  • Experience with treating pests in high-sensitivity industries, such as food service and healthcare

With experienced aid, your pest problems will be dealt with quickly and effectively–without putting your patients’ well-being at risk.

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