Food Grade Distribution

Pest Control Solutions for the Food Industry

A pest problem is an annoyance and a possible health risk. In the food distribution industry, a pest problem is a threat to your entire business and livelihood, as well as a massive health risk for all of your clients and customers. Many insects and rodents can carry infectious diseases, and you need them deterred and removed, if necessary, both quickly and thoroughly.

The food distribution industry might see the following complications:

  • Larger premises mean more potential entry points for pests
  • Large food supplies mean a higher risk of drawing pest attention
  • Safe use of pesticides and other solutions is vital for your client base
  • The presence of food may limit which treatments can be safely used
  • Large volumes of water use may increase the risk of certain pest presences

An experienced pest management expert needs to be able to recognize weak points and remediate them safely. Our Service Specialists are trained to identify the risks of an infestation and put preventative measures in place.

Pest Prevention and Regular Maintenance

Strategic Industries recommends regular maintenance for your facility’s premises, inspecting for weak points in building seals, standing water and the safe disposal of food items.

Most pests will be attracted to a building by heat, water and food sources, and preventing access is the first step towards keeping your facility pest-free. We can also recommend regular preventative treatments, customized for your exact needs.

Safety and Effectiveness

Treatments for pest problems in the food distribution industry need to quickly eliminate any pest activity.  Your pest management services should reflect your own high standards, and Service Specialists should be trained to address pest threats at their source while minimizing the risk of product contamination.

We keep safety and efficiency at the forefront of all our pest management services, but within the food distribution sector, we know how important these items are.

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