Food / Beverage Processing

food-and-beverage-1The Food and Beverage processing Industries understand pest management must not only be effective, but also be consistent and well documented. Plants must follow rigorous guidelines to ensure the plant stays pest free. Infestations lower profitability and damage audit ratings, as well a client trust.

Documentation is especially important during inspections. Auditors will be inspecting for good record keeping practices, including Good Manufacturing Practices/Structural Improvement/Corrective Action Report, Pesticide Application Summary Report, Integrated Pest Management Sighting Reports, Trend Analysis Reports, Specimen Label and SDS Documentation.

Our Pest Managment Process

Strategic Industries’ Service Specialists thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of any plant to inspect for evidence of pests. This includes inspecting for potential harborage areas, rodent droppings and burrows, and bird nests. We closely monitor any equipment used, and we document all materials, products and processes implemented.

In addition to treating existing infestations, Strategic Industries also assists in preventing pests and audit preparation.

Eradicate Pests and Eliminate Breeding Sites

food-and-beverage-2Pest management within the highly regulated Food and Beverage industries depends upon the type of infestation present. The most common types of pests and methods used for eliminating them are:

  • Cockroaches – Typically, traps are used to capture and identify species. There are roughly 70 different types of cockroaches in North America. Eradication methods are chosen based on the species present.
  • Flying insects – Flying Insects include flies, gnats, midges, mosquitoes and others. One of the best methods of treating flying insects is eliminating breeding sites.
  • Rodents – Rodents can set up harborage almost anywhere, making then tough to eradicate. Cleaning up old equipment and clutter will reduce potential breeding sites, while outside baits and deterrent processes are used for live animals.
  • Warehouse Beetles and other Stored Product Pests – These pests require specialized treatments because they can be buried deep, hidden and infesting stored food products.

Our integrated pest management service protocols will leave your plant ready for any third party audits and pest free. Strategic Industries offers a variety of services which are customized to specific locations and types of pest problems.

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