Commercial FAQ

My auditing firm requires electronic tracking of all our pest management devices. Do you offer that service?

Yes. Strategic Industries does provide digital graphing, trending and mapping capabilities. We install bar codes on all your pest management devices providing you with a complete and real time on site digital and electronic data retrieval system.

Our plant is regulated by the American Institute of Baking. Our last pest company struggled to understand and meet these standards. How does your firm insure that these standards will be met?

All service and sales department personnel complete the American Institute of Baking Food Processing and Sanitation/Hygiene Course. Our Service Management team is AIB Certified and participates in all of our clients 3rd party audits. Strategic Industries is constantly reviewing all audit standards/prerequisites for any changes. We review standards with all clients and offer program recommendations. Strategic Industries is recognized as experts in all auditing requirements, including SQF, BRC, YUM Brands, Silliker Labs and Cook and Thurber.

How do you insure/inspect the quality of work performed by your employees at our plant?

Strategic Industries has created a comprehensive Quality Program. Our Quality Assurance Audit Program, Pre-Audit Inspection Program, Facility Assessment Program, Risk Assessment Program and Service Review Meeting Program are all integral elements of our comprehensive Quality Program.

How can you assist us in preparing for our audits at our plant?

Our protocol for handling upcoming third party audits at our clients facilities includes: reviewing standards with all clients to insure compliance, performing a pre-audit inspection including all equipment and documentation the day prior to the audit. We assist and lead you through the process.

We require an Organic Pest Management Program in our facility. Can your company provide us with effective pest management within these Organic standards?

Yes. Strategic Industries, is contracted with numerous facilities that require an Organic Pest Management Program. Our expertise in this discipline is currently in place at many of our clients.

We received deductions last year during a third party audit because we had no way of knowing how old our insect light trap bulbs were. How can your company help us not to encounter this issue again?

We replace insect light trap bulbs on a scheduled basis, typically once per year. The bulb itself has a date label affixed to it for tracking when it was replaced. We also provide detailed information on this scheduled change on the Trend Analysis Report, Service Report and in your Client Documentation Log Book.

The Good Manufacturing Practices standards at our facility are very strict. Are your employees aware of and capable of adhering to strict Good Manufacturing Practices?

Yes. Each employee completes a comprehensive Good Manufacturing Practice training during the initial Strategic Industries Corporate training period. Each employee is required to be recertified each year in Good Manufacturing Practice training. The initial and recertification process is documented and submitted to our clients.

How do I know your employees are well trained?

Strategic Industries has created and conducts a rigorous initial three year Corporate Training program. The Corporate Training program includes but is not limited to: Obtaining individual state certifications, Purdue University Pest Control Technology Course, American Institute of Baking Food Processing and Sanitation/Hygiene Course, National Pest Management Association Pest Management in Food Plants Course.