Are Cockroaches Bad for My Health?

Nobody wants cockroaches in their living space. They’re dirty, unsightly, and all-around unpleasant. But aside from the “gross-out” factor, do cockroaches pose any immediate dangers? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Here are just a few of the health risks posed by sharing your living space with cockroaches:   Disease Cockroach bodies (especially legs) make […]

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

Here in Atlanta, mosquitos are a problem from spring all the way through fall.  It’s not just the annoyance of getting bites, either; mosquitos often carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus which can make you ill for a long time afterward, and in some cases even threaten your life. Because these critters are so […]

Common Springtime Insects

It’s springtime again in Georgia (finally!), and while we all look forward to warmer weather, it is also the time when many unwanted insects become more active. When they grow too plentiful through breeding or begin invading our homes, they become pests. Here are a few of the more common insect pests you’re likely to […]

What Diseases can Mosquitoes Carry?

Not only are mosquitoes one of the most annoying and pesky types of insects, but they can also be extremely dangerous in many parts of the world. One bite from a disease-carrying mosquito could have extreme consequences, causing illness and even fatal diseases if not treated properly. While not all mosquitoes are vectors for disease, […]

Why do Fire Ants Rush to the Surface when Their Nest is Disturbed?

Fire ants are an aggressive subset of ant species characterized by strong mandibles and extremely poisonous stings. Fire ants rush to the surface to protect their nests whenever they sense a disturbance due to their aggressive nature. There are ways of dealing with fire ant mounds, but use caution, because the ants won’t stop attacking […]

Why is Pest Control Essential to the Food Distribution Industry?

Pests are much maligned for their interference and intrusion in the food distribution industry. Many companies find themselves fighting pests in their growing fields, production factories, and even in their delivery vehicles. Because people expect clean, fresh foods, it’s essential that companies control pests when they work in the food distribution industry. Field pests For […]