What Diseases can Mosquitoes Carry?

Not only are mosquitoes one of the most annoying and pesky types of insects, but they can also be extremely dangerous in many parts of the world. One bite from a disease-carrying mosquito could have extreme consequences, causing illness and even fatal diseases if not treated properly. While not all mosquitoes are vectors for disease, […]

Why do Fire Ants Rush to the Surface when Their Nest is Disturbed?

Fire ants are an aggressive subset of ant species characterized by strong mandibles and extremely poisonous stings. Fire ants rush to the surface to protect their nests whenever they sense a disturbance due to their aggressive nature. There are ways of dealing with fire ant mounds, but use caution, because the ants won’t stop attacking […]

Why is Pest Control Essential to the Food Distribution Industry?

Pests are much maligned for their interference and intrusion in the food distribution industry. Many companies find themselves fighting pests in their growing fields, production factories, and even in their delivery vehicles. Because people expect clean, fresh foods, it’s essential that companies control pests when they work in the food distribution industry. Field pests For […]

The Snake Invasion

The recent  wet weather  in the Metro Atlanta area has contributed to an increase in pest activity and one pest in particular is snakes. These pests cause of a lot fear and panic to the unsuspecting homeowner doing yard work.  According to the University of Georgia Herpetological Society Co-President Todd Pierson “…in Georgia of the more than […]

What’s New at Strategic Industries?

Strategic Industries’ world has changed  in a few short months. Mr. Douglas Barnes’ vision for his company has been many years in the making. The creation of the Residential Division coming into existence is quite an achievement. Mr. Barnes is very proud to announce the expansion into the residential market. Strategic Industries is becoming a […]