How To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

Here in Atlanta, mosquitos are a problem from spring all the way through fall.  It’s not just the annoyance of getting bites, either; mosquitos often carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus which can make you ill for a long time afterward, and in some cases even threaten your life. Because these critters are so prevalent (and mobile), it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them completely.  However, there are some practical things you can do at home to reduce their nesting places and keep them at bay while you’re outdoors:


Mosquitos love moisture, particularly areas of high moisture and still, ponding water.  Wheelbarrows, bird baths, planters and old tires are all great places for water to collect.  Keep these free from ponding water, or better yet, remove them completely, and the mosquitos will find somewhere else to nest and breed.  Also, keep your lawn mowed, and if you live near green spaces or woods, keep the brush cleared as far from your home as it’s feasible.  Overgrowth can also collect moisture and give places for mosquitos to breed.


You can’t stop mosquitos from flying around, but you can make it so they don’t want to fly around you.  When you’re spending time outdoors, citronella candles or torches provide a nice repellant and discourage mosquitos from coming near.  In areas or seasons of high mosquito activity, you can also apply repellant to your skin and wear long sleeves to discourage mosquitos from landing on you.  If you can “screen in” your outdoor space, even better, though understandably for some this isn’t feasible.


If your mosquito problem seems more severe than usual, and the tips above don’t seem to have much effect, it’s possible the mosquitos are nesting in hidden areas you haven’t considered or are unable to locate. In cases like these, it’s best to have a pest control professional come out to identify and treat possible breeding grounds around your home.  For the best in mosquito control, call Strategic Industries for an evaluation and an estimate.