Common Springtime Insects


It’s springtime again in Georgia (finally!), and while we all look forward to warmer weather, it is also the time when many unwanted insects become more active. When they grow too plentiful through breeding or begin invading our homes, they become pests. Here are a few of the more common insect pests you’re likely to encounter in the spring months.


An insect we hope never invades, termites are perhaps the most destructive pest we deal with, and spring is prime-time for them to become active. These pests like to make a meal out of the wooden structures of your home, but even if you don’t see signs of damage, termites can be a danger lurking underground. Suffice it to say that springtime is a great time to get a termite inspection.


Ants of many sizes and types come out to breed and look for food in the spring months. In the home, you’re likely to find odorous house ants or argentine ants clustered around a leftover crumb on the floor or walking single-file across the walls or floors. In the yard, the bigger danger is fire ants, which not only spread aggressively but are likely to swarm and attack any unsuspecting pet or human that comes near.


Mild, humid weather is perfect for mosquitoes, which not only cause those itchy bite marks but also can carry diseases like West Nile Virus. These critters are most likely to breed and swarm around cool, moist areas like ponds, puddles and old tires. You can reduce the risk by removing anything around your home where standing water can collect, and by unclogging your gutters.

Bees and wasps

Most species of bees are non-aggressive if you leave them alone, but if they decide to build a hive too close to your home, they can become a problem. Likewise, stinging wasps, dirt daubers and hornets may build nests in various places based on the species, including overhangs (like door frames), attics, walls, nearby trees or underground.

Each of these springtime pests (along with others) requires a different strategy to control them, and for best results you should leave it to the professionals if one or more of these insects begins invading your space. Call the experts at Strategic Industries to learn more about effective pest control strategies for these and other springtime insects.