Why is Pest Control Essential to the Food Distribution Industry?

Pests are much maligned for their interference and intrusion in the food distribution industry. Many companies find themselves fighting pests in their growing fields, production factories, and even in their delivery vehicles. Because people expect clean, fresh foods, it’s essential that companies control pests when they work in the food distribution industry.

Field pests

For those companies that rely on field production, field pests make life miserable. Ant mounds, bee’s nests, rodents, and other pests can take a toll on production in the field. Rodents can eat the crops, and stinging insects make conditions dangerous for workers. Even if the pests don’t eat crops, hazardous conditions for workers will limit productivity and profits. These can often be the most financially devastating pests. It’s certainly important to control pests in the field environments.

Factory pests

Some pests have been known to cause factory equipment to stop working or work less efficiently. Spiders can get inside metal machines and weave webs. Rats and bees can also cause problems in storage rooms where factory foods are kept. When the distribution centers want to take their foods to other places, they have to make sure that their storage units weren’t compromised by pests. In the past there were often reports of people finding spider eggs or dead insects in their foods. It’s vital that factories control pests as best they can.

Vehicle pests

Company vehicles that deliver food to other companies are often infected with pests. Bees, birds, and other creatures seem to gravitate to vehicles for some reason. They like to get in the back where the storage actually occurs. Vehicle pests pose unique problems to food distribution companies. They must ensure that their drivers are safe and that the products they carry remain undamaged. When pests build nests in the backs of deliver vehicles, they might start to eat whatever products are kept in the vehicle.

Final word

Controlling pests is something that all food distribution companies need to consider. Customers will lose trust in their products if they find pests inside of the packaging. The workers who tend to crops in fields may encounter dangerous working conditions if pests aren’t kept away from fields. A call to Strategic Industries can provide the best solutions to pest infestations. It never hurts to have your place of work thoroughly checked for pest intrusions before they cause too much damage to your products.