The Snake Invasion

The recent  wet weather  in the Metro Atlanta area has contributed to an increase in pest activity and one pest in particular is snakes. These pests cause of a lot fear and panic to the unsuspecting homeowner doing yard work.  According to the University of Georgia Herpetological Society Co-President Todd Pierson “…in Georgia of the more than 40 species of Snakes, only six are venomous. Those Snakes include Copperheads, Water Moccasins, the Eastern Coral and three varieties of Rattle Snakes.” Snakes prefer to hide and when they venture out it is usually in search of food. That’s when we as homeowners have our chance meetings with them.  If you do encounter a snake and are bitten, it’s critical to remember as many details as possible such as the coloration and markings of the snake. If you are questioning whether the snake you saw in your backyard is venomous, here is an old saying from Georgia Poison Center Dr. Gaylord Lopez :“Red on black is a friend of Jack,” meaning non- venomous, “Red touch yellow will kill a fellow,” for venomous.  If you should come in contact with one of these cold-blooded pests, contact Strategic Industries’ Wildlife Division. We’ll put the squeeze on any uninvited guest.