Residential FAQ

What should I look for when choosing a pest control company?

There are several important qualities a pest management company should possess:

  • Expert knowledge of pest identification and treatment techniques.
  • A service guarantee and a reputation for providing effective treatments and solutions.
  • Environmentally conscious and safe treatments for your family and pets.
  • Proper insurance coverage.
  • A pest control license.
We have a newborn in our home. Is it safe to spray for inside our home?

We recommend being out of the house during the treatment and for a few hours after the treatment is completed. Many products are designed for the control of household insects and are formulated at very low, safe levels. Almost all products are designed to be applied in cracks, crevices, and voids. This allows for excellent control for without exposure to humans and animals. Strategic Industries selects treatment methods based upon each individual situation. Remember, most applications are made on the exterior/outside of your home with the purpose of preventing insects from ever entering your home.

Are your methods safe for use around household pets?

As mentioned in the previous question, the products Strategic Industries selects are applied at very low concentration levels and are applied in cracks, crevices, and voids. Exposure to pets is very unlikely. It is always good to keep pets away from areas as applications are being made, but no other precautions are usually needed once any treated surface is dry.

When treating with products around birds and fish, special precautions may be needed as they are much less tolerant of pest products. Always speak to your Service Specialist before treatments to be sure.

I have a clean house, but I still have bugs. Why?

All pests want food, water, and shelter. Many pests such as cockroaches and even rodents fit through tiny cracks and crevices in search of these resources. This will happen no matter how clean your house is. Other pests, like bed bugs, are also not related to level of cleanliness. They are “hitchhikers” in search of a blood meal that people can easily, and often unknowingly, provide. It is best to have a trusted professional conduct a thorough inspection to identify pest risk factors around your home.

Is there any way to get rid of mosquitos?

Mosquitoes around your house and yard can be controlled and reduced. A qualified and effective mosquito program begins with a thorough inspection, identification and elimination of breeding sites.

Most mosquito species use standing water as a breeding site. The female mosquito lays eggs in almost any type of standing water. The adult mosquitoes will often stay close to breeding sites. If there is a problem in your yard or around the house, look first in your yard or to adjacent property.

For a comprehensive approach to mosquito control for your property, call Strategic Industries for a free evaluation.

What is the absolute worst case scenario for bed bugs?

The ‘worst case scenario’ for you would be the ‘best case scenario’ for the bed bugs. The ideal environment for bed bugs is a place where food is always available and the temperature is between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The bedroom(s) of most homes provide this perfect environment.

A female bed bug can lay 1 to 5 eggs every day and produce up to 400 eggs in a lifetime. Eggs can develop into adults in about 3 weeks. A few bed bugs can multiply quickly and become a serious infestation.

For a ‘worst case scenario’, your residence would have multiple people who travel frequently and could bring bed bugs home. There is clutter that creates multiple places for bed bugs to hide, and the residents sleep in multiple places such as in beds, easy chairs, and on sofas.

How do you get rid of yellow jackets under your siding?

Yellow Jackets are common in many different environments, including the home, yards, and wooded sites. Yellow Jackets are predators and can be very aggressive when disturbed. They are not easily controlled, especially after they have established a large nest under siding areas. Yellow Jacket nests can easily contain hundreds of workers that can sting multiple times. Yellow Jacket work is extremely dangerous and Strategic Industries recommends that you call a professional to assist you in eliminating this serious problem.

Does Strategic Industries, LLC take care of digger wasps? Not sure what they are but they are digging burrows in my yard.

Yes. “Digger Wasps” make small mounds of dirt in the yard which resemble small ant mounds. If the wasps are digging deep in the ground at an angle and leaving piles of dirt at the entry, you have cicada killers.

Both of these wasps can be a serious issue as both will continue to reproduce and eventually can take over your yard. In large numbers the cicada killers can be very intimidating, especially to children.

Yes, Strategic Industries, LLC can help you with these issues. Please call or email for a free inspection, and estimate.