Mosquito Control Services

Residential Mosquito Control Plans

tiger-mosquitoLiving in and around the Southeast, we experience heavy mosquito populations during a large part of the year. Did you know that there are over 160 varieties of mosquitoes, and due to their feeding habits, they are a significant carrier of diseases?

Most mosquitoes will feed within 100 feet of where their breeding site is located. They are capable of flying up to two miles, making the spread of dangerous illnesses plausible. Heat, scent and the presence of water are all attractions to a mosquito.

Strategic Industries recommends keeping your property free of stagnant water and subscribing to a scheduled maintenance plan of mosquito control services to ensure your family and pets are comfortable and safe year around.

Strategic Industries Mosquito Treatment Process

Strategic Industries has a thorough process in place to both remediate mosquito problems, as well as prevent future infestations. Beginning with the exterior of the home, a thorough inspection is done to assess any potential breeding grounds, and once eliminated, we explore your best options for a maintenance plan.

We offer an array of service plans and packages that can be customized to your needs. For homes with dense foliage, depressions or poor drainage, we may recommend a larvicide treatment in addition to a liquid treatment.

Understanding our clients and their pest problems helps Strategic Industries customize treatment and prevention plans for optimal results.

Reduction of Potential Mosquito Breeding Sites

While our Service Specialists are adept at identifying and treating potential mosquito breeding sites, homeowners can be proactive by monitoring the following areas for activity:

  • Around kudzu, ivy and other types of dense foliage
  • Near streams, decorative fountains, bird baths and other bodies of water
  • Gutters and downspouts that aren’t draining properly
  • Potted plants and their plates
  • Air conditioning units where pooling and condensation buildup occurs

Strategic Industries recommends scheduled treatments, and prevention throughout the year to reduce your chances of infestation when spring and summer arrive.

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