Green Pest Control & Management

residential-green-service-1Americans are turning to green living. Organic is trending now in all possible forms.

One of the most surprising manifestations of organic living is in the pest control industry. Many people aren’t aware that pests can be controlled or eliminated naturally. Strategic Industries has offered an array of green pest management services for years, efficiently combating your worst pest problems while keeping you, your family and your pets safe.

Effects of Pests on the Human Body

Different pests can carry different pathogens, and as vectors of disease and unsanitary conditions, many pests in the Southeast are unsurpassed. Take the common bed bug for example, infestations happen quickly; the parasites feed on their host as he or she sleeps; they often go undetected; and they have a relatively long life span. Fleas, ticks and mites can be equally as parasitic if left untreated.

However, pests that don’t actually touch us can do every bit as much damage. For example, cockroach droppings and the deterioration of their discarded shell casings can cause asthma, allergies and hypersensitivity.

Small children and elderly are often more susceptible to health issues arising from pest problems in the home.

Strategic Industries Green Program

Strategic Industries employs an array of pest control methods, using the safest, most effective products on the market. When green pest control is solely desired, we work with the homeowner to identify the issue and establish the best, most health-conscious and natural method of treatment.

What is Green Pest Management?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreen pest management uses investigative methods to determine what the problem is, where it is happening and how to get rid of it. In most cases your Strategic Industries Service Specialist will start with investigative work:

  • The Service Specialist will determine why pests are entering the home. Is it for a food source, warmth or water?
  • The Service Specialist will determine where the pests are entering the house.
  • Organic and natural materials will be used to develop the best treatment option for your pest problem.

Green pest management services understand homeowners’ concerns about the health of their families. Strategic Industries is on the front lines battling to bring Americans healthier pest management.

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