Fire Ant Control Services

fire-antThe Southeast has long been familiar with fire ants, and even from a young age, most of us know to avoid the large, raised anthills that are sure signs of a nest. Fire ants are among the most aggressive ants in our geographic area, and as such, Strategic Industries employs targeted, equally aggressive fire ant control and prevention plans to combat them.

Humans, pets and even our plants are often at risk of fire ant attacks, especially in warmer months when the pest is more active. From minor burning and irritation to severe allergic reactions, we all respond differently to a fire ant sting.

For both residences and businesses, fire ants can cause damage to heating and cooling units.

Year Around Fire Ant Prevention

At Strategic Industries, we understand that fire ants greatly reduce your enjoyment and utilization of outdoor spaces. For this reason, we provide comprehensive and year around fire ant control services.

We offer child, pet and eco-friendly treatments so our clients can feel secure knowing that not only are their fire ant problems being resolved, their environment and loved ones are safe. In some communities, custom solutions are necessary because of unusually large or untreated concentrations of fire ant populations.

Fire Ant Treatment

Strategic Industries  specializes in fire ant service in the residential and commercial market places. We provide prevention and eradication plans for:

  • Commercial industries and businesses of all sizes
  • Restaurants and the food service industries
  • Hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector
  • Schools, post offices and other governmental businesses

Regardless of the severity of your fire ant problem, Strategic Industries will work with you to customize a treatment and prevention program that will keep you feeling safe and secure.

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