Bed Bug Removal Services

bedbugBed bugs are small, flat insects that live in mattress seams, bed sheets and other pieces of furniture and fabric. They are adept at remaining hidden. Many homeowners do not learn of their presence until they have been bitten. Bed bugs feed on blood. They hide during the day and become active at night when the homeowner is asleep.

Aside from the bed itself, bed bugs have been known to dwell within base boards and inside electrical outlets. They can spread from room to room on a person’s clothing, which is why they are commonly found in hotels.

Bed bugs are not always easy to locate because of their nocturnal feeding habits. During the day, bed bugs nest in hidden locations. However, they deposit feces where they sleep. This eventually leads to stains in the mattress and any other areas where they are living. Any stains in the mattress may be an indicator that you have an infestation and require the bed bug services of Strategic Industries.

Bed bugs can live for a long time without feeding, which makes them nearly impossible to remove without professional assistance. We provide effective bed bug removal treatments to remediate these unsanitary, unsightly and uncomfortable household pests.

Your Options Regarding Bed Bug Treatment

Strategic Industries has established highly effective methods for accurately locating and eliminating bed bugs. Every home will be inspected thoroughly so that no bed bug issues go undetected and untreated.

There are many different treatment options available for bed bug infestations. After Strategic Industries performs the initial inspection, we can discuss the best options for your individual situation.

Bed Bug Prevention Methods

Bed bugs can be devastating and expensive if left untreated.

  • All bed sheets should be changed frequently to avoid the settlement of bed bugs.
  • While changing the sheets, inspect the mattress to make sure that there are no stains.
  • The bedroom should be kept as clean as possible. A cluttered room gives the bed bugs plenty of places to hide.
  • There are customized mattress cases made to prevent bed bug infestations.

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