Roswell Pest Control


When it comes to pest control in Roswell, GA, trust the experts at Strategic Industries. We’ve been the leaders in Roswell pest control since 1999. We know the pests you’re most likely to encounter, and we have proven strategies to keep their populations under control, keeping you and your family safe in the process. Whether you’re dealing with wasps, termites, mosquitoes, roaches, rats, fire ants, squirrels, moles or other critters, we can handle them all, affordably and efficiently.

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Pest infestations and urban wildlife intruders aren’t just a nuisance—they can also be a health hazard. Termites and other wood boring insects can permanently damage your home. Rodents, mosquitoes and cockroaches can carry dangerous diseases. Wasps, hornets and fire ants can attack children and pets unless their nests are removed, and if allergies are involved, those attacks can even be life-threatening. Do you think that cockroach you saw running across your floor isn’t a problem? Think again: for every cockroach you see, there are hundreds more behind the walls that you can’t see, just waiting to multiply. Strategic Industries offers proven solutions to remove urban wildlife from your walls, rafters and yard, and control insect populations before they become a more serious problem. We are the Roswell pest control experts, and our results are the proof.

What Pests Can We Handle?

Simply put, if it’s a pest in Roswell, Strategic Industries has a strategy to get rid of it. We can exterminate and control populations of termites, cockroaches, wasps, hornets, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants and more. Mice, rats, moles, voles and squirrels are no match for us. We even have solutions to remove raccoons, snakes, bats, birds, skunks and other wildlife that might invade your space. We’ll remove the threat, and we’ll give you sound advice on how to keep the threat from returning.

For the best in Roswell pest control, you can rely on Strategic Industries. Give us a call today for an assessment and estimate.